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We've designed some of the best tools to help you be at the top of your game: we deliver a full range of products and services from highly-dosed formulas of natural nutritional supplements* to at-home lab tests or even personalized guidanceby our nutrition/health experts. We've got you covered !

*Our products are non-GMO without additives, and most of them are vegetarian/vegan friendly

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At-home Lab Tests

At-home Lab Tests

You can now check your nutritional deficiencies in details and receive the analyses results... 

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Curanomy products are formulated to respond specificallyto each of your needs with efficiency and precision. Access in-depth analysis and personalized wellness. Take back the power 🦸 ⚡

Probiotique Probio10 complete packaging compact

Take Care of Your Second Brain

The new 10 Complete probiotic provides the missing link for top gut health. Give your guts the right care they need !

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Metabolism Test By Curanomy

Make The Right Decisions

Are you struggling to reach your goal weight? Do you find that your "metabolism slows down"? Taking a metabolism test can help you understand how your hormone levels influence your goals.

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Sleep Better

Restorative sleep is the key to staying healthy. Sleep better and feel better with Curanomy Sleep and Relaxation line products

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  • Anti-Aging Collection

    We offer products specially designed and selected for their rejuvenating properties to boost one's immune system and overall energy levels with natural active ingredients.

  • Vegan Friendly Collection

    A healthy and balanced diet is essential for maintaining healthy weight and vitality. However, some food supplements can be valuable allies to against nutrient deficiencies.

  • Sport Collection

    Our food supplements have been specially formulated for their energizing properties and are intended to help you practice regular physical activity.

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